About Us

Cowling Preschool & Toddlers is an Ofsted registered, non-profit charity, which provides quality childcare and education through daily pre-school sessions and additionally run toddler group sessions every Wednesday morning during term time. We are run by a volunteer management committee, principally made up of parents. We are also a member of the Pre-school Learning Alliance and we were delighted to receive an ‘Good’ judgement from Ofsted in May 2020.

Our History

Cowling Pre-school was established by a group of like-minded parents who wanted to offer local children the physical, emotional, social, communication and intellectual development they needed. 

We are very proud of our Preschool, which has been part of our local community for over 30 years. We originally set up at Saint Andrew’s Church and moved to our current premises at the Village Hall in 2012, as this offered us a permanent dedicated room for all our equipment and toys, more space and a great child friendly outdoor play area.

Our Offering


Preschool offers an invaluable opportunity for children to socialise with their peers, start to develop independence, and most of all develop their full potential by having fun whilst learning through play. 

At Cowling Preschool and Toddlers we do this by providing a wide range of resources, activities and learning experiences; during their time with us, we hope that we give each child the opportunity to learn to judge and extend their capabilities, to explore their limits and experience excitement, nervousness, courage, daring, thrills and real spills within an environment that offers constant flexibility to meet their needs and wants. We cherish every child as a unique personality and we provide quality care and education which meets their individual needs.


Our Toddlers Group welcomes children from 6 months old, whilst our Preschool entry age is 2 years of age; the children then stay with us until they begin primary school. 

We have strong links with Cowling Primary School and a curriculum tailored to prepare children for their entry to school.

What does Ofsted say about us?

In our most recent report, Ofsted found the staff team and committee to “demonstrate a commitment to work together to continually improve the Preschool.” And that “Teaching is good and staff have high expectations of children” And for the children; “Children enjoy their time together and are motivated to learn.” “Children demonstrate they are happy” and “Children make good or better progress in the pre-school.” Overall, “Behaviour is exceptional”.

You can read the full Ofsted report here

Want to know more?

Please feel free to explore our website using the headings at the top of the page or better still, contact us to arrange a visit!

We’d love you and your child to spend some time with us, to find out what we are really like and to meet and play with our hand-picked team of experienced and friendly practitioners.